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Lucy is a current postgraduate student at Nottingham Trent University studying an MFA in Fine Art and is based at Backlit Studios.

In 2005, Lucy graduated from Staffordshire University with a BA (Hons) Fine Art. Lucy's early practice as a painter and mixed media artist focused on portraiture and the human body, embellishing textile surfaces, leather and handmade paper. 

After leaving university, Lucy ran creative workshops for adults with disabilities in the West Midlands before moving to Nottinghamshire where she now resides. She has worked in Further Education for 18 years. 


I am a visual artist working with sculpture and sustainable photography techniques. My work is rooted in my personal experience of miscarriage and loss. Due to my experience, I have an interest in why female reproductive health is often under represented within the arts and beyond. I question why these topics are considered taboo. Alongside this, I also explore some of the negative historical viewpoints that the female body is problematic. Whilst I continue to revisit and reconnect with loss, themes such as impermanence, uncertainty, interruption and fragility permeate my work.

I am drawn to tactile materials that enable me to reflect on the feelings I had at that time. Transparent silicone and its ability to look fragile addresses my feelings of emptiness for example. Handling materials and the use of my other senses whilst doing this, allows physical release and is an important aspect of my making process. 

Whilst making, I start with a spherical shape in paper clay that I consider to be like a single cell.  I then begin to adapt and remodel the cell into a small form. A process of layering, curing, releasing and cleansing silicone then takes place. I work openly with materials but in a repetitive manner, focussing on fine details. I often seek out materials that I can experiment with beyond their intended purpose, testing for innovative ways to incorporate them into my sculpture. 

For inspiration, I turn to nature. I gather research from plants, insects and other organisms to inform my ideas. Although my sculptures have a human quality, they often resemble sea creatures or plant life due to their ambiguous appearance.

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